Primrose Hill: the place-to-be for breathtaking views

Let’s start the journey at Chalk Farm tube station, and walk on Regents Park Road. This street is full of surprises, you’ll enjoy doing some shopping in the local fashion stores, or even get a gelato. But what’s best to do is to go for brunch with some friends on a Sunday. I can’t recommend the Greenberry Café enough for its avocado-bacon waffles and homemade orange juice! Don’t forget to book at least a day in advance if you plan to have lunch on a Sunday: its fame makes it quite busy on the weekends!


The area features a really nice park, where you’ll enjoy having a walk or playing with your dog – which is quite a good idea after a huge and delicious full English breakfast, isn’t it? Don’t be afraid of the hill, let’s go up there : you won’t be disappointed. Can you see Canary Wharf, The Shard, St Pancras, St Paul, Westminster Cathedral, London Eye? Take a better look and admire how beautiful London is and how relaxing it feels to be away from the busy city centre.


I hope you thought about bringing a book! The view is so great and it is so relaxing after a long week working, you’ll want to stay up there for a while and chill out with some good reading and nice music!

On the way back to the station, be curious, pop in the Regents Park Road local stores and get some nice food for the week to come! Also, it is the best place ever if you need to offer a gift to someone, the street offers so many pretty stores, you can only have the choice: local products, clothes, flowers, decoration…

Feeling a bit thirsty after this amazing time in Primrose Hill? No worries! The surroundings are full of great pubs where you’ll have the chance to get a refreshing G&T, or why not try some nice local beers with your mates?

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3 commentaires sur « Primrose Hill: the place-to-be for breathtaking views »

  1. j’ai envie de pleurer je viens de regarder la plupart de tes articles sur londres et …. ça me manque tellement…
    j’ai construis une partie de la personne que je suis grâce a cette ville et ça me manque terriblement mes petites habitudes là bas.
    belle soirée ma douce justine !


    1. Je sais… J’ai aussi beaucoup grandi et évolué à Londres tant professionnellement que personnellement, et la vie y est plutôt chouette quand on y a ses habitudes et ses petits endroits favoris… Primrose Hill et Regents Canal ce sont des incontournables pour moi hihi! Merci pour ton petit commentaire ma jolie 🙂


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