Regent’s Canal for lovely walks on sunny afternoons


Walking alongside Regent’s Canal by a lovely autumn afternoon is everything to make your day a beautiful one. Winter is not here yet and the weather is still warm, perfect time to get out of home and have a peaceful walk on the edge of the water, between the canal boats, coffee shops, pubs, with people walking, running or cycling around. There is such a great atmosphere there on sunny days. But, what’s Regent’s Canal?

A little History…

Built in the 19th Century, Regent’s Canal’s purpose was to link the Grand Junction Canal’s Paddington Arm with the Thames at Limehouse. The Canal played a major role in the trade of coal and timber from industrial cities in the North of England to London. Regent’s Canal has been designed by John Nash, who also designed Buckingham Palace. The name of the Canal comes from the Prince Regent, son of King George III. Nash worked for the Prince Regent for much of his career.

Since its creation, the Canal has faced many changes and improvements becoming a major leisure amenity in London. Now, everybody can enjoy a lovely walk on the towpath. You can even book a boat trip on a canal boat to celebrate your birthday or bachelorette party, they are very popular between Little Venice and Camden.

Regent’s Park / London Zoo

From my point of view, the best part of the Canal Walk is between Angel and Mile End. It’s actually quite a long walk (3.5 miles / 5.6 km) but the towpath offers many bars, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops where you can pop in and have a little break to get some energy before keep going East on the Canal. I highly recommend The Narrowboat pub for its direct access to the canal towpath and balconies overhanging the canal, also, the food is amazing! It’s a great place to grab a pint and enjoy the atmosphere. If  you fancy a coffee in a lovely terrace, keep walking until Kingsland Bassin, the Proud East offers great meals and drinks in a contemporary place and features an amazing terrace where DJs mix some chill out music! Perfect with a glass of Pimm’s in summer!


Broadway Market

If, by any chance, you decide to enjoy the Canal Walk on a Saturday, lucky you! Further East, Broadway Market is set up in the heart of Hackney every Saturday and offers plenty of food specialties, sounds and smells from all around the world. With over 130 stalls, you’ll only have the choice and it’s sometimes really hard to make a reasonable decision, so you’ll want to try them all!

Look at this amazing Caribbean dish made with caramelized pork and rice! YUMMYY!! 😋

Broadway Market

After such a great lunch, you might feel full! Good opportunity to keep walking on the canal towpath towards Victoria Park where you can bring your dog and all have fun running all over park; or even rest for a while, laying on a blanket and reading a lovely book! This part of the Canal is actually quite green, and you really feel like you’ve escaped from the tumultuous capital city. With over 85 hectares of open space, Victoria Park really is a great place to get some fresh air and why not work out!

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