Celebrating 2 years in London: a throwback to when it all started…


Two years ago today was the first time in my life I entered the British territory. I was full of questions, doubts and scared about this new life that was about to begin. I had never lived abroad before moving to London and I have to admit, even if I was super-excited, it was still super scary!!!

From my point of view, London was the city of Harry Potter, full of smoke and dust, full of stereotypes, I couldn’t believe people actually liked it.


On the 19th of January 2015, I took the train to London St Pancras. All my life was fitting in a backpack, I had nowhere to stay and I knew nobody in London. I was on my own and had to sort my life out by myself. It was not easy, not at all. I spent a lot of time doubting, making choices, regretting them and trying to fix them. It was hard, but I didn’t know, at that time, that I was growing up.


Day after day, I finally managed to settle in properly. I started to get interested in my job, but even more importantly, I started to enjoy London: I met people, made friends. I first experienced the London night life (which is quite a thing to be fair), have been in numbers of bars, pubs, night clubs all over the Capital city. In the first six months, I spent days strolling around the London streets, discovering the most famous (and touristic) places: Trafalgar Square, Soho, Westminster, Notting Hill, Tower Bridge, Chelsea, and many more. [a special note here for my buddy Fonfon, who followed me in every single crazy adventure] I have to say: that was the best time of my London life.

I actually think, it was at that precise moment that I fell in love with London.

After six months enjoying my new city as much as possible, I had to go back home for a while. I must say: YES, I MISSED LONDON. I missed London so much that I found a way to go back. And I don’t regret my choice not for a second.


During my second period of time in London, I decided to take advantage of being in such a great city to focus on my career and develop my network. Thanks to that, I’ve had the opportunity to discover many more places, hidden gems that really are worth it, and most of all I met the best people ever.

Today, two years after it all started, I am so grateful to all the people who contributed to make this experience so great: my partner in crime, my wonderful flatmate, my amazing friends and colleagues. I am also thankful for all my dear friends and family back home who managed to visit me in London when possible, or to get some news despite the distance. Without all your support, close or far, I would never have been able to make a quarter of what I did, thank you very much. I love you all.

Let’s keep going on this adventure!!!

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